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Want To See Some Of Our Work?

This is where we showcase some of our best work! If you like what you see and want a similar design, be sure to tell us which one you prefer! 

web design barry

WelshCrafter Design

This Website was created using Shopify as the Client requested, this shows off our willingness to work with any program and design style preferred! We aren't just "drag 'n drop artists" we have a full knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This allows your website to function EXACTLY how you want it to... At the end of the day, it is YOUR site!

Valley Carbon Cleaning

With this Website we worked with the Department of Work and Pensions closely to determine an accurate design time, price and overall satisfaction. This website features a more icon based layout which the client and their customers love, this keeps it simple and makes it easy to digest information by customers. This website was created in our timeslot of 7 Working Days and the customer is really happy! 

web design barry
web design barry

Leighton Norris Saddlery

We worked extremely hard on this website to make sure it was perfect for the customer - just remember, it's my job to make you look good and not me! With a full enquiry form that gets emailed across on submission, not one customer enquiry gets missed!

I Will Drive

Ian approached us with the task of refreshing his current outdated website, a short time later and this website replaced his! If you are looking for a website refresh, it's not complicated! All we need is the existing Domain Admin Panel access and to design the website of course! With lots of call to action and a detailed form implemented with JavaScript, it runs smoothly and looks even better.

web design barry

Busy Bee Cleaning Services

This Website was created within 5 Working Days (Under our 7 Working Day Target!) and features a booking in system for clients, members area and even a payment collection page! Complete with either Visa, Mastercard or PayPal checkout, this makes invoicing and bookkeeping a breeze! Don't fancy replying to emails constantly to secure a new client? Just have them book their own service in as little as 3 clicks!

web design barry
web design barry

Scarlett Jack Hairitage

This Website was Created for another Local Business Operating out of Rhoose! With a completely custom site and customer supplied images, it looks exactly how the client wanted. It was hard to read about Anastasia's story and we wanted to do our very best to spread her new and very proud business!

Bridgend Locksmiths

This Stunning Website was created in 4 Working Days (Look! Under our 7 Working Day Lead Time Again!) This site provides a "half page" design, where the site information is only shown in the middle sections of the screen, this increases readability and user interactions as it gives a smaller area for the user to interact with. This design looks and works great if you have less content to show off.

web design barry
web design barry

Penarth Beauty

This Website has the same inspiration as Bridgend Locksmiths, and you can't deny it isn't Beauty-ful 😉 This website was created within 5 Working Days and takes full benefit of our Monthly Plans! Who doesn't love this design?! This also increases readability across different resolution displays. Although, all of our sites are scalable across different devices, some uncommon aspect ratio displays can make some elements look too large, too small or stretched. A design like this means it will be perfect on EVERY display!

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