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Want More Information On Support/Maintenance Plans?

Gone are the Confusing Maintenance Plans! It's now as simple as: "Hi Sean, can you carry out some work on the website please?" - "Hello, of course, this task will take an estimated time of 3 Hours billed at £16 per hour" - Gone are the Monthly Plans, now it is simple. Here is a complete rundown of your costs:

web design barry


This is what you are charged for the Website Design, this is pre-agreed via a quote. The price will not change! Our minimum charge is £125

web design barry


Hosting is billed at £14.80 per month, this is billed at cost prices. Yes that's right, cost price. *May cost more per month depending on website features.

web design barry


Maintainence is only billed IF you use me! If you don't use me, you don't pay me for anything (aside from Hosting of course!)

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